November 21, 2003

  PMT version 1.4 released!!!

Most applications simply use the default schema and translation table provided with the distribution of PMT. If you are not reading in JPEG2000 files nor XML metadata files, there should be no need for an XML parser. Thus, this release does not require one. By using a "preparsed" default schema, the toolkit initialization time improves by a factor of 30.

  August 20, 2003

  PMT version 1.3 released!!!

Once again, performance has been increased by about 10%, as memory usage has decreased by about 10%, mostly thanks to the new translation table design. PMT has also been successfully tested with both Xerces V2.2 and V2.3.

  May 16, 2003

  PMT version 1.2 released!!!

Code reviews and other performance initiatives have improved performance of the PMT 20% to 40% depending on your circumstances. One such improvement came from switching support from Xerces V1.2 to Xerces V2.2 without using the deprecated files. Anyone who upgrades to PMT V1.2 MUST upgrade to Xerces V2.2. Older versions will not work.

We are currently reviewing requirements for upcoming quarterly releases and would like to have your input! Email your comments to:

  March 17, 2003

  New website goes live!!!

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