PMT Version 1.4 Release Note - 11/21/2003

Most applications simply use the default schema and translation table provided with the distribution of PMT. If you are not reading in JPEG2000 files nor XML metadata files, there should be no need for an XML parser. Thus, this release does not require one. By using a "preparsed" default schema, the toolkit initialization time improves by a factor of 30.

  Bugs Fixed

  • Multi-Threading support is improved.
  • All known memory leaks have been patched.
  • Various VC 7.1 support issues.
  • Various GCC 3.3.x support issues.

  New Features

  • Switch of all XML parsers to be SAX2 compliant (except DIG35 Accessor).
  • An XML parser is not required (can be compiled out) for limited functionality.
  • Metadata items now contain documentation about what they contain (such as md->briefDocumentation() or md->fullDocumentation() ).
  • Thumbnail accessors have been added to the image accessors.

  Changes to Existing Features

  • MSXML is set as the default for Windows compiles (and thus Xerces is no longer required). If you are using VC 6.0, you will need to download the MSXML SDK from Microsoft. VC 7.0 and 7.1 provide it for you.
  • A new default schema, which for the end user is almost identical to the old one with a few type changes and new elements.
  • Instead of storing the trueType in a string, it is now stored as an enumerated type for performance and memory improvements. The string can be re-created by calling md->trueType().
  • InstanceInterpreter now opens files in read/write mode by default.
  • XML output is now formatted for easy viewing.
  • PmtVersion class has been removed.
  • Updated documentation.
  • For EXIF files, ActualImageWidth and ActualImageHeight have been deprecated. Width and Height are now filled in based on the following formula:
    • If Tags 40962/40963 exist, those are used;
    • else if 256/257 exist, those are used;
    • else use Start Of Frame information.
  • Image Accessors and metadata documentation have been added to the default configuration.


  • This release has only been tested with the following open toolkits: OpenExif v1.5, OpenTiff v1.2, Xerces-c v2.2

  Known Bugs

  • none

Open PMT Bugs

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