OpenExif is an object-oriented interface to Exif formated JPEG image files. The toolkit allows creating, reading, and modifying the metadata in the Exif file. It also provides means of getting and setting the main image and the thumbnail image.

For more information on Exif or the toolkit, go to the OpenExif website.

  IJG Jpeg Toolkit

This is the Independent Jpeg Group's implementation of Jpeg.

For more information on IJG or the library, go to the IJG website.


OpenTiff is an object-oriented interface to TIFF formated image files. Unlike other Tiff toolkits, it allows an arbitrary set of tags to be defined and used in a Tiff file.

For more information on Tiff or the toolkit, go to the OpenTiff website.


Xerces-C++ is the XML parser used by PMT.

For more information, go to the Xerces C++ website.

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