PMT Version 1.4

The Picture Metadata Toolkit (PMT) is an object-oriented toolkit developed in C++ that provides functionality for the easy creation, manipulation, and persistence of image metadata.

  Why Metadata?

Picture metadata is used to convey additional information about the picture, the scene, the camera, the people in the picture, or other related data. More powerful imaging systems are created through understanding and using this additional information, rather than simply passing around pixels. For example, picture metadata describing the scene content are used to provide easier and more useful image organization tools for consumers-allowing consumers to capture more of their memories. Picture metadata describing the image creation and image processing history are used to optimize display and printing.


  • Source code available under Open Source License enables users to contribute to the toolkit
  • Open Source License allows for toolkit usage in commercial applications
  • Foundation for the native support of the DIG35 picture metadata standard
  • Common interface to metadata in different file formats (Exif 2.2, TIFF, and XML encoding currently supported)
  • Enables copying standard metadata from input source to output destination
  • Full-featured metadata definition language, with local metadata definition capability
  • Easy exchange of metadata between heterogeneous systems via XML encoding
  • Uses OpenTiff, an Open Source object-oriented toolkit for accessing TIFF image files
  • Uses OpenExif, an Open Source object-oriented toolkit for accessing Exif image files

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